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Don't Wait for the New Year!


On Sunday, Pastor Jake encouraged us to commit to engage with God this year. In his excellent sermon on Psalm 12, he urged us to return to the source of truth: God's Word. And in the Scriptures, we will learn that Truth has a name: Jesus Christ.

The end of the year is the time when many of us begin thinking about what needs to change or improve in our lives. Often, New Year's Day is the start date to implement these changes. We make our "New Year's Resolutions" and wait to begin the hard work of improvement until January 1st. But why wait until New Year's Day to up your Scripture intake? Why not start now?

On our website, we have a page dedicated to helping you grow in your understanding of God's Word. On the "Bible Reading" page, you will find a curated list of several helpful resources, including:

  • A list of 8 downloadable Bible reading plans
  • Links to 8 wonderful Bible study tools
  • An 8-part blog series called "Bible Study Basics" written by Pastor Andrew
  • A 6-part blog series called "Can I Trust My Bible?" written by Pastor Jake

This page should have everything you need to get started becoming a more serious student of God's Word. So, check it out!

Pick out and commit to a Bible reading plan that will work for you. Test some study methods that will help you process what you read. Make a concrete, practical plan for your devotional times. And ask a friend from your Community Group to walk with you and hold you accountable to follow through on your plan for spiritual growth in 2021.

Don't wait for New Year's Day! Take Pastor Jake's advice and return to God's Word today!