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EQUIPPING CLASS HIGHLIGHT: Theology of Work, Theology 1, and 24/6

core study highlight

A new semester of Equipping Classes starts this Sunday, January 3rd!

We are offering three verse-by-verse Book Studies and four Core Studies.

This series of Class Highlights will help those who are still deciding which class to attend. 

In this highlight, we will look at the back-to-back-to-back Core Studies on practical theology offered by Skipper Bennett.


Theology of Work + Theology 1 + 24/6

Teacher: Skipper Bennett

Location: Room 181 (fellowship hall)

Format: One video session (via or during the week with in-person discussion on Sunday mornings.

Timeline: Theology of Work is 10 sessions, Theology 1 is 10 sessions, and 24/6 is 4 sessions long. The classes will run back-to-back-to-back. The semester will end the week of Memorial Day.

OverviewTheology of Work "explores key questions such as who God is, what he has created people to be, how being the image of God affects the way we approach work, and what is the role of spiritual gifts in our job." Lectures are taught by Dr. Gerry Breshears on

In Theology 1, Dr. Owen Strachan teaches on the core doctrines of the Christian faith. Check out the trailer below.

24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life is a four-session video series led by Matthew Sleeth, M.D., on the benefits of observing and practicing a weekly Sabbath day of rest and worship. Check out the trailer below.

Theology I: The Living God Has Made Himself Known from Midwestern Seminary on Vimeo.

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