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EQUIPPING CLASS HIGHLIGHT: Old Testament Survey, Part 2

core study highlight

A new semester of Equipping Classes starts this Sunday, January 3rd!

We are offering three verse-by-verse Book Studies and four Core Studies.

This series of Class Highlights will help those who are still deciding which class to attend. 

In this highlight, we will look at Bill Sessum's Core Study on the Old Testament.


Old Testament Survey, Part 2

Teacher: Bill Sessum

Location: Room 183 (fellowship hall)

Format: One video session (via during the week with in-person discussion on Sunday mornings.

Timeline: The semester begins on January 3rd and will end the week of Memorial Day.

OverviewOld Testament Survey is a two-semester class overviewing each of the Old Testament books. In this class, you will learn the historical background, major themes, and insight into the stories, characters and teaching of each book. Lectures are given by Dr. Douglas Stuart, a noted Old Testament scholar from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachussetts.

If you're concerned that you missed part 1, no worries! You can jump into the Scriptures at any time. You can go back and check out previous lectures at any time. Don't be shy!

Interested in joining Bill for an in-depth look at the Old Testament? Sign up!