Jesus the Servant

February 9, 2020 Preacher: Jake Grogan Series: The Gospel of John

Scripture: John 13:1–13:20

When is the last time you humbly and willingly served someone who could offer you nothing in return?

In this text, Jesus demonstrated His love for His disciples in a tangible way. He humbled Himself and washed their feet before the Passover meal. In this sermon, Pastor Jake explained that Jesus shows His love by humbly serving His own, by cleansing His own continually, and by inviting and empowering us to follow His example. 

We must pay attention to the ways that Jesus loves and serves His people and do likewise.

I. The Love of Jesus (v. 1)
II. The Contrast to Jesus' Love (v. 2)
III. The Cause of Jesus' Love (v. 3)
IV. A Concrete Expression of Jesus' Love (vv. 4–20)

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