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Reasons Not to Serve (Wrong Answers Only)

October 25, 2020 Preacher: Jake Grogan Series: Leaving Egypt: Encountering I AM in the Book of Exodus

Scripture: Exodus 3:7– 4:17

*NOTE* Prior to the start of the audio recording, Pastor Jake read Exodus 3:7–4:17.

In this text, God calls Moses to represent Him to the Israelites and lead them out of slavery in Egypt. Moses has some objections to God's calling. None of us are Moses and God's calling looks different for each one of us. God deserves our "yes" to whatever He calls us to do. What God calls us to do, He equips us for. Thankfully, God patiently, graciously, doesn’t send us alone or ill-equipped to fulfill our role in His redemptive plan.

I. Movement #1: God is going to fulfill His plan/promise to save his people (3:7-10, 16-22)

II. Movement #2: Amazingly, He wants to use people like us, in spite of our objections:

  • Objection #1: “I’m a nobody” (3:11-12).
  • Answer: God is with you.
  • Objection #2: “I don’t really know God that well” (3:13-15).
  • Answer: God reveals himself.
  • Objection #3: “No one is going to listen” (4:1-9).
  • Answer: God knows how to authenticate his own message.
  • Objection #4: “I don’t have the required abilities” (4:10-12).
  • Answer: God is creator and is able to use whoever he wants.
  • Objection #5: “I don’t want to do it.” (4:13-17).
  • Answer: God patiently, graciously, doesn’t send you alone or ill-equipped.

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