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Bible Study Basics: How to Read


After a good copy of the Scriptures, a pen and paper are your next most necessary and helpful tools for effective Bible study....

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What is Love?


In his new series, Pastor David will help you learn how to lead your child to faith in Jesus Christ. To love our own children well, we need to understand God's love for us!...

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Bible Study Basics: Get Started


How do I get started really studying the Bible? The first thing you need seems obvious: a good Bible....

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How to Be Sorry


Did you know there's a right way to be sorry? Find out what Paul has to say about godly sorrow in 2 Corinthians 7....

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Look and Obey


The book of James urges us to look into God's Word and obey it. Community Groups help us do just that....

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Lessons from Thailand


Reflections from a recent Missions Trip to Thailand...

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Song Spotlight: Nailed to the Cross


We take a look at the wonderful theology in a new song we sing at Indian Creek Baptist Church....

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Giving Thanks for 2019


God has blessed our church mightily in 2019. We pause here to remember His goodness....

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We Grieve with Hope: GriefShare Begins this Week


How can we grieve with hope? Join a GriefShare group today and learn how to suffer well for the glory of God....

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Community Groups: A Testimonial


God has used Community Groups in significant ways to grow Andrew in his faith....

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