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A Church with a Reason to Exist

January 3, 2021 Preacher: Jake Grogan Series: Standalone Messages

Scripture: Romans 15:1–33

What kind of church will Indian Creek be in 2021? In this sermon from Romans 15, Pastor Jake highlights five characteristics of a biblical church. We want to be a church that exists for something greater than ourselves. 

A Church with a Reason to Exist is . . . 

I. A Church That Puts Others First (vv. 1–13)
II. A Church That is Bursting at the Seams with Bible (vv. 14–16)
III. A Church With Its Eyes on the Ends of the Earth (vv. 17–24)
IV. A Church Invests in Other Congregations (vv. 25–29)
V. A Church That Doesn't Skip the Work of Prayer (vv. 30–33)

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