How to Give Online


The world is becoming more digital every day. Praise God for technology that the church can use to keep up.

Indian Creek has offered online giving for a long time. But in recent times, with church services being moved online and with bank branches being closed, online giving has increased drastically for many churches (ours included).

With the rise in digital giving, we began to realize our previous giving platform charged heavy fees. So, in order to better steward our resources, we decided recently to switch companies. We have begun a partnership with Generosity by Lifeway. 

Not only are the fees lower, but there is also an option for the giver to pay the 3% fee (for credit and debit card transactions) on behalf of the church.

Even better, if you choose to pay by bank transfer (e-check), the church receives nearly 100% of the gift!

*If you already have a recurring gift set up with our previous online vendor, please make sure to cancel it and set up a new recurring offering on our current platform.*

If you're setting up a new gift OR if you are new to the world of online giving, rest assured, the process is very simple.

Here are easy three ways you can give online:
  • WEB: Visit and fill out the form.
  • APP: Download the Generosity by Lifeway app on your iPhone or Android device and search for our church by name.
  • TEXT: Send a text to 54012 that says the words "@icbc give" and the dollar amount. For example: If you want to give $25, type "@icbc give 25" and send it to the number above.

(For more specific instructions on text giving, including how to set up recurring donations, click here).

We pray that God will use this new partnership to help us better steward the resources He has provided this church. And we pray that this new platform will help you as you seek to follow the Scriptures' commands to become happy and generous givers to the work of the Lord.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the church office at (940) 325-8174 or send Valerie an email.